Our Happy Clients!

We got our Yorkie puppy from Legendary poodle and yorkie Puppies, RI, one months ago. They kept him up to date on his vaccinations. He was and still is in great health with perfect genetics. He’s energetic and adventurous, but so well mannered and nicely behaved. We love him dearly and are so happy we found him!

Jennet Stone

I bought Moon, birth name Yani from Legendary poodle and yorkie Puppies, She is the cleanest and most healthy puppy I’ve ever bought, we brought her home and she already knows to go potty outside, and to sit for a treat! she has a perfect temperament, very affectionate and is friendly to children and other dogs. I’m impressed and excited about the future with such a great puppy! Thanks again Legendary poodle and yorkie Puppies.

Frank Fils

My wife and I have had two great experiences with Legendary poodle and yorkie Puppies , Our first puppy, named Ivan, is a smart, healthy and has a wonderful temperament. We got him in December of 2020. The Legendary poodle and yorkie Puppies, are wonderful people who love their dog and socialize them perfectly. They are raised with love and their children play with them. Our second dog’s name is Sasha. We loved Ivan so much that we got Sasha from Legendary poodle and yorkie Puppies also. We picked her up right before the new year. They are so happy together and we couldn’t be happier with the decision to use Legendary poodle and yorkie Puppies and the King family.

willy fresher

We love our new addition Jasmine who we found online from Legendary poodle and yorkie Puppies, It was great to work with. Her forever name is Maggie. She was easy to train and very healthy. Thank you for such an amazing puppy. We would recommend Home train Puppies and the Fishers to anyone who is looking for a special dog. Thank you to your entire family for making her such a wonderful dog.

maily luther

We picked up our beautiful pup in RI. He is a wonderful puppy. The breeders did a great job raising him till we got him. He is a playful house trained well and so loving. Thank you. He will forever be a joy to us.

Robert grill

Our toy-poodle puppy, Jude, renamed Finnegan, arrived at our home on Sept. 20, 2020. He is a very handsome little guy and has been a constant joy. We are so very grateful to Legendary poodle and yorkie Puppies for giving us such a loving puppy. It was a pleasure to deal with them, they were extremely accommodating having Finnegan delivered to our home in excellent condition following a long car ride. We couldn’t be happier; so glad we found them Keep up the good work you do!

madison love